Basically we had every intention of going to Notting Hill Carnival today, but took a detour via Oxford Street and THIS happened!

Maybelle (Topshop gilet, Zara loafers & trousers, H&M dress & top, assorted jewellery Topshop & H&M)

Belle (H&M jacket, jumper & basics, Zara coat & sandals, Topshop loafers)

We never made it to the carnival.

One Year Ago

This time last year.

AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It


Summer Pleasures 

‘It doesn’t take much for a summer party to become a dance. A floor or terrace nine feet square, a record player and a rack or good records. If the weather strikes a cool spell, have a charcoal brazier outdoors. Make the lighting as romantic as possible.’

June 1960

Photograph by Henry Clarke

 New Time, New Tempo 

‘Vogue’s “Young Idea” backs the boss look for parties! It’s simple geometry in stunning black and white. It’s simple and slinky. Its swirling whirling circles of silk and stylised flowers.’

November 1965

Photograph by Ronald Traeger


By Belle

This palette is a dream! Sin, Half Baked, and Toasted are my favourite shades so far. The best thing about it is that the different shades are so versatile it takes me from day wear through to the evenings. What more could a girl wish for from her makeup!?

Kyla La Grange – Love You Better (The Maccabees)


by Belle

(Topshop Heels)

The sparkle from across the store that caught my eye.

From the Topshop Premium collection these metallic toe-capped heels cast their spell upon me. Ironic that they’ll never make it home before midnight.

Walk A Mile In My Shoes

by Maybelle

(Zara Slingbacks)

A brand new purchase that I can’t wait to take for a test drive!
These pointed slingbacks have also been featured on the most recent ‘What Elle Wears’ post on the ELLEUK website:

Jessie Ware – Wildest Moments

The Big London Chill

From left to right – Belle, Maybelle

(Topshop Cami, H&M Shorts, Topshop Heels, Vintage Cuff)  (H&M Vest, Topshop Shorts, Miss Selfridge Wedges)